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SQC Club Международные соревнования по качеству звучания в автомобилях.

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По умолчанию The Basic Rules of SQC Club

1. Everyone who has a car with installed audio system can participate in the competitions of SQC Club format.

2. The task of the format of SQC Club competition is - to identify the car with the highest sound quality, as well as to develop the auto sound competitions at the highest level!

3. The judging of the format is provided by the team of professionals in the field of sound: sound engineers, musicians, producers, workers of the sphere of culture. The persons who are related to any kind of trade relations in the auto sound sphere and installers cannot be members of the judicial manpower of SQC Club.

4. The competition format of SQC Club in season 2016 has the division into two classes - "Amateur" and "Master".

4.1. The “Amateur” class is open to all interested persons on condition that they have never became champions in this class or have never participated in the competition in the class "Master" under the auspices of SQC club. By the results of the Final, the winner in the class of "Amateur" is automatically transferred to the class of "Master" the next season. The judging of the class "Amateur" is conducted by a single judge. At each stage, and in the “Final”, a judge is chosen by draw. The competitions imply the identification of a single winner in the class according to the results of official stages and the Final. The transition to the class "Master" from the class "Amateur" is possible during the season. At the transition from amateur to master during the season, the rating for the passage into the final is set to zero. The reverse transition is impossible.

4.2. The class "Master" is open to everyone without any restrictions. The judging is carried out by several judges.

5. To get into the main final at the end of the season, the participant must win at least the 5th place during any 2 official stages. Those participants who have won the first three places at any of the stages automatically get into the main Final.

6. The unified test material is presented in the compilation "SQC Competition Disc 2016". The compilation is considered as the main in the season of 2016. The judicial manpower provides the test material on the flash drive (the participant provides a flash drive, the judges or the administration give the material) in the absence of the head unit with CD-drive in the car. The additional judging is performed using a bonus material of the competition disc in the presence of: cars with the same number of points in the first five, and any matters of dispute during the season. If the participant’s system allows to play back the music signal in the format of 24-bit / 44.48 kHz - the organizer provides him with the competition version of the disc in the high definition format (24bit / 44kHz).*

* - The material in 24-bit / 44 kHz is available only on the flash memory.

7. The test disc contains 19 tracks. They include 8 basic tracks by means of which the judging will take place. 7 tracks are the technical material and they are used to estimate the sound stage. 4 tracks (1,17,18 and 19) are the bonus ones and they are not used in judging, respectively, the participants are not judged by them.

Each of the items is evaluated according to a point system from 1 (very bad) to 12 (excellent). The technical tracks are evaluated according to a point system - 0 or 1. The main task of the protocol data is to identify the system which plays back all the tracks with the highest quality. During the judging the participant is not allowed to change system settings and volume level.

8.The judging is carried out as follows: the judge sits in the participant’s car on the driver's seat (the participant at will can sit in the front or rear passenger seat).
The participant sets the volume of sound to be used by the judges.
The judges are obligated to use this volume!
After the judging, the participant can ask the questions and get a short summary of the listening experience.

9. The participant’s car should be in the presentable form (inside and outside). There is the judging of only the sound quality, not the installation.

All the information about the stage that was held, the rating of the participants and the won prizes is announced within 2 days after the stage.

The administration reserves the right to disqualify the participant for misconduct on the platform.
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